Discovery Tours

From the famous historical venetian harbour of Chania, to the translucent turquoise waters of Balos, there is a discovery tour for everyone. For sunset lovers, there are sunrise and late afternoon excursions on private cruises. And for food lovers, the gastronomy tours and cooking tours are a perfect choice to learn and taste Cretan traditional cuisine.

Visit historical and archaeological sites like the amazing Knossos Palace, as well as the enriched museums found on the island. Discover incredible Crete now!



Escape with a private boat cruise to the turquoise waters of Chania and discover secret locations along Cretan paradise coastline.



Discover 5000 years of Cretan history and lose yourself in the Labyrinth while walking through the rich antiquity of the Minoan civilization.



Experience a cooking tour in Chania. Immerse yourself in the local gastronomy, visit artisan producers, make wine, join the olive harvest and learn the secrets of the local Cretan culture.